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Mi306 Conductivity-TDS - NaCl - Temperature Professional Meter

Product Code: MM-Mi306

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Mi306 Conductivity-TDS - NaCl - Temperature Professional Meter (MM-Mi306) by

Mi306 Conductivity-TDS - NaCl - Temperature Professional Meter

Mi306 - Conductivity-TDS - NaCl - Temperature Professional Meter

Mi306 is a waterproof portable logging microprocessorbased Conductivity / TDS / NaCl / Temperature meter. The autoranging feature of the EC and TDS ranges automatically sets the meter to the scale with the highest possible resolution. The Auto Endpoint (HOLD) feature automatically freezes the display when a stable reading is reached.

The measurements are automatically (ATC) or manually (MTC) compensated for temperature. The temperature coefficient value is user selectable. It is possible to disable the temperature compensation and measure the actual conductivity (NoTC). The Battery Error Preventing System (BEPS) switches the meter off when the batteries are too weak to support proper function. The meter can store measurements in memory by logging function for retrieval at a later time upon user request.

Mi306 also allows data transfer to computer through the RS232 port. Double LCD displays, for simultaneous readings of the specific conductivity and temperature.

More accurate readings with the 4-RING MA813D/1 EC / TDS / NaCl and Temperature probe.
Conductivity readings are performed by applying an alternate current to the 4-ring probe which creates a variable voltage depending on the conductivity.

Easy PC Compatibility
RS232 or USB communication interface allows readings to be downloaded to a serial port

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