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Conductivity / TDS / NaCl / Temperature Laboratory Bench Meter

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MW170 MAX Autoranging Conductivity / TDS / NaCl / Temperature Laboratory Bench Meter

MW170 MAX is a compact and versatile bench meter that can measure up to four different parameters: EC, TDS, salinity (in PSU, g/L, percentage NaCl) and temperature.The main operating modes are setup, calibration, measurement and logging.

  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Auto-off feature to prolong battery life
  • All measurements can be temperature compensated automatically (ATC), or manually (MTC) with a user-selectable compensation coefficient.
  • Temperature compensation can be disabled (NO TC) if the actual conductivity value is required.
  • The auto-ranging feature for both EC and TDS measurements automatically sets the most suitable resolution for the tested sample.
  • Available log space for up to 1000 records. Logged data can be exported using a USB cable.
  • Dedicated GLP key to store and recall data on system status
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 8 hours battery life

MW170 specification

Ordering information:

MW170 is supplied complete with MA814D/1 EC/Temperature probe; MA9315 Electrode Holder; Micro USB cable; 12 VDC Adapter; Instruction Manual