Why Peroxide Value Is Important In Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a very versatile product. It is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. Since many generations the olive oil is essential for the Mediterranean world and it is now widely appreciated around the globe for its nutritional, health and sensory properties.

There’s a lot of aspect that affects the olive oil itself from the growing method to harvesting and transportation of the olives as well as extraction and…

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The Industrial Process Of Cheese Making

The industrial production to make cheese starts with the main ingredient, raw milk. Most of the cheeses are made from cow milk but there a cheeses that are made from goat or sheep milk.
The first stage is called Pasteurizing. In this stage the raw milk should be pasteurized (heat-treated) in order to kill any unwanted bacteria. Then the milk is transferred into big vats for the next step.
The second step is a process where the milk is separated into solid curds and liquid whey. During this step the monitoring of the pH level is….