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Probe & Electrode

A Reliable Probe For Your Most Demanding Application

Various Probe types are there to use for numerous commercial, industrial, and environmental applications such as pH, temperature, Total Dissolved Solids, conductivity, and so on. We distribute products ranging from amplified, 4-ring, and combination amplified across Australia. Higher levels of accuracy, reliability, and exceptional after-sell service are the benefits you can enjoy by purchasing one of our Probe types today.

High-temperature ranges, long service time, long time before calibration, high resolution, minimum maintenance, quick response time, and rugged design are the additional features and properties of our products to highlight here. Order your product today and enjoy the long-term benefits!


A world-class Electrode for your application

Whether you are looking for a pH or ORP Electrode, we have a wide range of products for you. The cleanliness of water is critical, and a more accurate device is necessary to measure it so. The power of hydrogen or the pH, on the hand; plays a crucial role in many industries including food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals, hence and Electrode that measures it up to the closest value is a must-have.

Our wide range of products gives you peace of mind about choosing the right product for whatever your application. As always, we can help you find the right product.




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