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Turbidity Meter

Turbidity Meter is used to measure turbidity in the laboratory, in outdoor and field applications a portable turbidity meter would be used and for plant and process applications a continuous online controller would be used. Turbidity meters use an instrument called a nephelometer with the detector setup to the side of the light beam. More light reaches the detector if there are many small particles reflecting the source beam than if there are few. The units of turbidity from a calibrated nephelometer are called Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU).

Cloudiness of water’s measurement is turbidity, which is normally cloudier the water makes the greater turbidity. Turbidity is caused by suspended solids caused by phytoplankton, human activities that disturb land such as construction that can result in high sentiment levels.

Turbidity is important because high turbidity in drinking water can lead to develop into gastrointestinal diseases. Lakes, rivers and reservoirs are water bodies with high turbidity which can reduce the amount of light reaching lower depths, which can directly affect the growth submerged aquatic plants and subsequently affect species which are reliant on them, such as fish and shellfish.


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