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Soil Test Kit

Soil test kit you can purchase from us via our website or by calling us on 1300 662 720 as we are the sole authorized distributor in Melbourne.

Healthy plants and crops growing will depend vastly on physical and chemical properties of soil, that's on soil composition: minerals and organic matter, water, gases like chemical element and CO2 and living being (primarily microorganisms like fungi and bacteria). Soil isn't solely a support system, however it's a nutritious source that provides plants with water and nutrients. every plant desires a specific soil composition, during which it will higher specific its potential growth. For this reason, an accurate balance in soil elements is key to confirm associate optimum crop growth.

The most vital components for plant growth square measure atomic number 7 (N), phosphoric (P) and metallic element (K): for this reason, they're referred to as essential nutrient components or macronutrients. These components square measure typically further to the soil by fertilization. different components, therefore referred to as microelements square measure typically gift in decent quantities within the soil and also the plants want them in smaller doses.

Milwaukee NPK Soil check Kit permits to live the concentration of the 3 components N, P, K during a soil sample. A table at the top of this manual shows N, P, K needs for common crops and plants.


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