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Thermometer is a highly used equipment in various day today tasks, so when you need to get readings Remote temperature measurements need a flexible measuring device with a remote probe that may be utilized in hard-to-reach spots. The meter should even be simply readable at associate angle. TH300 is provided with a stainless-steel general use probe and 1-meter cable to form remote reading an easy task.

Also scientists and laboratory technicians deem the accuracy of their thermometers when performing routine measurements. For this reason, we developed the TH310. This palm-sized unit may be a highly accurate thermometer that's destined to make glass thermometers obsolete.

TH310's features:

  • Easy-to-read LCD displays clear reading at any angle 
  • Wide measurements range: -50.0°C to +150.0°C 
  • quick response with a high-tech NTC thermistor sensor 
  • Up to 3000 hours of battery life 
  • stainless-steel probe resists aggressive environments

At Milwaukee Meters we supply to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, South Australia & Tasmania as the sole distributor to Australia. You can place your orders via online or by calling us on 1300 662 720.

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